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Why is our krill absorbed so well?

A few key BENEFITS:

  • We bring you the most pure form of omega 3’s available.
  • We give you the most omega 3’s (330mg)
  • Brain Development: Clearer thinking, Mood development, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD.  
  •  Freer arteries
  • Less joint pain
  • Athletes: Train faster and get better results
  • Less aging, Less deteriorating, etc.Less PMS, and much more…

When you get omega 3’s from other sources (fish oil) your body has to modify them so they can be absorbed. With esterified omega 3’s the works already done by the krill. It’s ready to be absorbed. That’s why you only have to take one tiny red capsule the size of a joint of your finger.

Here’s the story on how the omega-3s in our krill are esterified. We won’t test you on this part when you take your next pop quiz.
The omega-3s in our krill are already bound to phospholipids by the krill so your body doesn't have to convert them.

Here’s the science on the type of astaxanthin (the anti-oxidant) our krill has. The unique position of the double bonds and the ions in the antioxidant molecule allows it to be 100% absorbed. If it weren’t already esterified by the krill, the body would have to metabolize it.
It would only get 50% of the benefit because the rest wouldn’t be metabolized.

All your body has to do is absorb the omega-3s and the antioxidants. You’re good to go.

Not only that but these substances cross the blood brain barrier more easily. That’s why you will enjoy such remarkable improvement in brain clarity. Especially in children who have learning disorders like dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD.

So you see, this process not only works on the anti-inflammatory omega-3s but also on the antioxidants—those things that keep you from aging, getting cancer, and basically deteriorating too fast.
inflammatory effects of omega-3s—better baby brain development, your brain development, clearer thinking, freer arteries, less joint inflammation, clearer skin, less PMS, etc. And you’re getting all the benefits of a super antioxidant—many times more powerful than any antioxidant supplement on the market. If you’ve taken a before and after blood test and checked your triglycerides and cholesterol, you’ve seen the difference our krill can make.

You will feel your joints and your mood improve. You will feel that boost of energy everyone is talking about. If you’re an athlete, you will find that you can train faster and get better results.

Now you don’t have to be “terrified” when someone asks you why it works so well. It’s esterified.