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What Is the true cost of K48™ Premium Omega 3 Krill Oil?

At COSTCO a bottle of 90 capsules at 300 mg each costs $18.95. JD Premium’s K48 Premium Omega 3 Krill Oil offers 60 gel-caps at 500 mg each for $45. We all know that COSTCO takes pride in offering a great product at the lowest possible price. Let’s do a comparison of what you’re getting for your money comparing COSTCO to JD Premium. The COSTCO product uses a heat process that causes the oils to rise or lift from the krill meat and shells. However, this changes the characteristics of the oil. What COSTCO customers don’t know unless they talk with a JD Premium Independent Business Owner (IBO) is that the heat extraction changes the ability for our body to recognize and absorb the oil.

Compare COSTCO brand with JD Premium‘s K48
You’ll need 100 of their capsules to equal 60 of ours. When you do the math to make things equal, you’d really be paying COSTCO $21.06 for 100 capsules. But that’s not all. We must also consider the actual deliverable (absorbable) mg to the body, which at best is half. Some specialists even estimate that the heat-altered oil delivers only one tenth as much as cold pressed. (This is still better than fish oil, which only delivers 1/48th that of the JD Premium cold-pressed K48 Krill Oil.) So, if you’re thinking you only get half the benefit, you would need to take twice as much to deliver the same mg as the cold-pressed K48 Krill Oil. So now the true price at COSTCO would be $42.12. If you use the 1/10th figure, an equivalent COSTCO bottle would be $210.60. We also need to recognize the difference between the krill harvested in the northern hemisphere and the Antarctic krill. The water and environment are cleaner in the Antarctic, which ensures premium quality. They aren’t polluted by all the industry in the northern hemisphere dumping chemicals into the water and oil wells leaking into the ocean. Ask yourself this, when you alter something from its original, cold-pressed, God-given state, is it as good as it was when nature created it?

Compare K48 Krill Oil with fish oil.
You’ll hear of friends taking fish oil capsules with 1,500 mg of omega 3 each, but they’re feeling very little effect. Why? When they hear about the 48-to-1 ratio, the poor results they’re experiencing will begin to make sense. If you compare only the amount of oil in each capsule, you would need to take three JD Premium caplets to equal one of the larger fish oil capsules. But when you consider that K48 is 48 times more absorbable, here’s the result: You would need to take 16 of the fish oil to equal one of the JD Premium K48™ Premium Omega 3 Krill Oil gel-caps to get a similar nutritional value. Ask yourself this, “What value is my health?”

What’s the True Cost of K48 Krill Oil? (cont.)
If K48 Krill Oil truly delivers the omega 3 oils needed by our circulatory, nervous, immune, epidermis and other body systems, what’s the true value in dollars and cents? If your friends are taking a cheaper substitute believing they are getting what they need, it may be only passing through their system instead of being absorbed. Could this be one of the costliest mistakes of their lives?

Research confirms that having the incorrect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 oils has serious adverse health consequences. Let’s take, for example, better kidney health. A kidney transplant costs $225,000. This doesn’t count all the years of diminished health, stress on the heart and body or the cost for a sibling donating a kidney and suffering for a year to regain health. A total of 44,000 people die each year from kidney failure. Another 1.7 million will be hospitalized this year with kidney disease.

What price would these people be willing to pay to prevent this or to restore their health? The best investment we could make is buying K48 Premium Omega 3 Krill Oil and preserving our health. Even if the cost is 100 times more, it would be cheaper to most of us than a kidney transplant and the loss of our health. What’s the cost of arthritis, cardiovascular surgeries, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, diminished brain development in a child, or all the other conditions that are prevented with the right omega 3 to omega 6 ratio? How many of the 650,000 people who will die from cardiovascular disease this year would gladly pay the price for a few gel-caps to have better odds? Is it worth saving a couple of dollars for a cheaper, less-effective product and risk losing your life? We all have a choice to make. You can pay for the inferior product and find out too late that it doesn’t work. Or, you can invest $45 per month for a scientifically-proven winner. This may well be the best $45 we ever spend. We trust that you will join with us in making the safe decision to guard your health and buy the winning product – JD Premium’s K48 Premium Omega 3 Krill Oil. Here’s what one of our leaders had to say about developing the habit of taking K 48:
“Usually when people buy a supplement, they stop taking it within 90 days. But, if they’re making money by promoting it, like we are, they continue taking it so they can be a ‘product of the product.’ That’s how we make the most difference in people’s health.” Del B., Twin Falls, ID

*In closing always remember fish oils are cheap because they’re heat extracted from left over’s when fish are processed! But only small amounts of omega 3’s are absorbed from fish oils!

*Also beware that heat extracted oil from krill is not much better than fish oil!